About the artist.


Welcome to Ember Hawk Jewelry and Arts! My journey as an artist started as a child drawing portraits and from there in college landed me in England painting water colors. Fast forward years later I began beading jewelry and after finding that I didn’t like any of the metal attachments for things,  I decided to go out and learn to make my own! I started making and selling custom pieces for friends and family and funky jewelry and that parlayed into sculpture and mixed media with metals. Pottery classes followed and I was hooked!  Most of my inspiration comes from nature and things I’ve come across on hikes in the woods  or walks on the beach.  I grew up swimming on Fire Island, playing in the woods in NJ and currently live by the CT shore and hike often year round so many of my pieces reflect images, plants and animals from these places.  Pretty much everything of mine is infused with my love of nature, color and forms.

Original and custom/commissioned designs available. Handmade and forged. Stone settings, original and custom made silver/brass/copper jewelry. Mobiles, wall hangings. Personalized charms for weddings, parties and pets. Original pieces of sculptural and functional pottery, photography.  Unique blends of clay, metals, fabric and wood.  Whenever I can I triy to work in recycled wood, metal and fabric into the design of a piece.  I'm a strong believer in reusing/recycling and keeping our natural world protected and respected.

I thank you for visiting and if you have any questions at all please contact me at sarahbishopef@gmail.com.  Please check out the events page and come see me!